Digital Marketing Broker — Partner — White Label Agency— My Story

Through the roots - how I got into the exciting world of digital marketing.

Brandon Rodriguez

6/12/20222 min read

Digital Marketing Broker — Partner — White Label Agency— My Story

The truth is I accidentally fell into Digital Marketing because I couldn’t find an agency suitable for my commercial cleaning/janitorial business and, like many other business owners, we went through the heartache of losing thousands of dollars and many months of potential growth at the hands of different digital agencies.

Our only other source of new business was having myself and paid salesmen (my younger brother & cousin) suit and tie up — and start walking in local businesses pitching our services. Our conversion rate was about 0/400 for the first 6 months.I honestly felt I could do a better job so set about learning Digital Marketing! It was a tough road and I made many mistakes, but after 2 years the cleaning business grew from $30,000 to $300,000 annual turn-over due to that additional online digital marketing.

However, cleaning office buildings was never really my dream job so I took the Digital Marketing skills I had acquired and set up my own New York-based Digital Marketing Agency determined to offer a service that I had so wanted in those early days. After 2 years, my solopreneur agency was acquired by Flow20, an award-winning agency based in London, and had grown to 7 staff we are winning clients like, Metallica, Yasso Greek frozen yogurt, and we’ve established amazing partnerships with private equity firms and consult their portfolio companies. Life was good if not for one small problem.

During that time I noticed a pattern that was emerging. Over 40% of the inquiries we received were from businesses that felt completely let down by digital agencies. It was an epidemic. After 5 years of seeing the same problem again and again and hearing from new clients about their past experience with other agencies, the idea of establishing long-term partnerships and providing our work on a white-label basis for our partners and their clients was born. From their client’s point of view, Flow20 might not even exist.

Whilst it may seem strange to provide services under the brand of another partner company while having a business that is already established may sound strange — but focusing on building strong relationships with great partners felt at the time was right both personally and professionally to do it. I can honestly now say that providing digital marketing services & consulting is my dream job. It is one I feel passionately about because I had experienced first-hand the very issue I want to resolve and offer the sort of transparency and value for money that businesses should expect from their Digital Marketing Agency.